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Title Insurance Publications

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Title Insurance Publications
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Title insurance provides evidence of title and insures ownership of real property - the cornerstone to a safe and successful residential investment. Click on any of the following document links to learn more, or contact us.

Common Ways to Hold Title (PDF)

Defining the Title Commitment (PDF)

Homeowner’s Policy of Title Insurance (PDF)

Steps in the Title Process (PDF

The Preliminary Report-Commitment (PDF)

What is Title Insurance (PDF)

Why Do You Need Title Insurance (PDF)

Why Do You Need Title Insurance on a Refinance (PDF)

21 Reasons for Title Insurance (PDF)

Closing & Escrow Publications

Full Closing & Escrow Services

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The Industry's Best in Escrow Settlements and Disbursements.

Competent funds disbursements, purchase contract execution and property ownership transfer are essential to successful real estate transactions. Click on any of the following document links to learn more, or contact us.

Closing: The Sale and Division of Charges (PDF)

Commercial Escrow Settlements (PDF)

Instructions to the Settlement Agent (PDF)

Lender Escrows (PDF)

Life of an Escrow (PDF)

New Communities Escrows (PDF)

Special Escrows (PDF)

What Happens in Escrow Settlements (PDF)

What Each Party Does in Escrow (PDF)

Who May Handle Escrow Settlements (PDF)

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Are you overwhelmed by all of the industry terms? Do you have questions about something you've heard or read? We have answers. Open our Real Estate Dictionary and access definitions for hundreds of commonly used industry terms.
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1031 Property Exchange

Read, Learn... Exchange!
The sale of a business or investment asset can create a large tax liability. A properly structured tax deferred exchange under Internal Revenue Code §1031 allows businesses and individuals to defer the recognition of capital gains and other taxes associated with the sale. Read about our best-in-class Qualified Intermediary services through IPX for the proper acquisition and relinquishment of properties. Find your answers here on our 1031 detail page or contact us

IPX Real Estate Brochure (PDF)

IPX Brief Exchange Topics Booklet (PDF)

IPX Cap Tax Rates & 1031 Guidelines (PDF)

IPX Strength & Security Flyer (PDF)