We believe in treating our customers and our employees with respect because that is how we like to be treated. We believe in caring deeply because it is the right thing to do. We believe in being dynamic, not static. We believe in being different because it sets us apart and makes your experience with us better. We believe in having conversations, not messages. We believe in being passionate about innovation and customer service because we want to bring the best products and services we can to you. We believe in being part of a community, not having an audience. We believe in relationships and experiences, not transactions and processes. We believe in balancing our work and home lives because everybody deserves to be happy. We believe in family because there is nothing more important. We believe in what we do. We believe in Chicago Title DFW.

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Chicago Title DFW seeks to be the trusted leader in the title and escrow industry within our local real estate community. We are committed to treating every closing not as a transaction, but as an opportunity to create a positive experience for one of life’s most important milestones. We will be as passionate about innovation and customer service as we are about having fun and balancing our work and home lives. We will accomplish this by caring deeply about our employees, our clients, and the communities in which we live and work.

  • Trust us to be all in. (PDF)
    At Chicago Title DFW we believe in relationships, not transactions. We are committed to you, our business partners, because you are the most important stakeholder in our business. We pledge to handle every detail of your real estate closing with the respect and thoroughness as if it were our own.
  • Trust us to be family. (PDF)
    At Chicago Title DFW we believe in family, we value family, and we consider ourselves family. We believe that families should not only respect and appreciate one another, but that they should also work hard and play hard together. We believe in family first…alway
  • Trust us to care deeply. (PDF)
    We believe in sharing in our success with the communities in which we live and work. Through our Chicago Cares group, we will continue to support our communities through charitable giving and volunteer efforts.
  • Trust us to be innovative. (PDF)
    We continually seek innovative ways to meet the needs of our customers and believe that creativity is the hallmark of our business. Good ideas come from all areas of life and when we find them we strive to quickly adapt and innovate.
  • Trust us to feel different. (PDF)
    We believe in creating experiences, not processes. This business philosophy is shared by every employee at Chicago Title DFW, ensuring that your closing experience, from contract to closing, will feel positively different from the rest!
  • Trust us to have fun. (PDF)
    We know that our success is directly dependent upon the collective energy and happiness of all of our employees. For that reason, we strive to foster an environment that is engaging, values creativity, and, most importantly, is fun!
  • Trust us to know title. (PDF)
    On average, Chicago Title DFW employees have been in the industry for fifteen or more years and employed with our company for ten years. You know us. We know title. Trust us to know title.
  • Trust us to be humble, but bold. (PDF)
    Chicago Title DFW is a member of the Fidelity National Financial family of companies, which is the nation’s largest title insurance company through its collective insurance underwriters. While we are proud to be an industry leader, we do not take it for granted. We work diligently every day to protect your real estate investments…..with trusted and unparalleled financial strength.
  • Trust us to be entrepreneurial. (PDF)
    Chicago Title DFW believes in an environment that encourages and rewards entrepreneurial thinking. Our employees are entrusted and empowered to make decisions that benefit both the client and the company in a positive way.
  • Trust us to be here in another 170 years...every day! (PDF)
    Chicago Title’s legacy of providing outstanding customer service and knowledgeable expertise has been part of our history since we opened in 1847. We have been protecting your real estate investments for nearly 170 years; trust us to still be here in another 170.

Chicago Cares

Chicago Cares has been established to cultivate a positive culture within the Chicago Title Dallas-Fort Worth company by creating a more positive working environment for all employees and by sharing in our success within the communities in which we live and work.

One of Chicago Title DFW's core values is to care deeply. We strive every day to care deeply about everything that we do; from our work to home life. We believe in being part of a community and that means sharing in our success with the communities in which we live and work. In 2011 we established the Inaugural Chicago Cares commitee, which was made up of our associates to help foster community service within our organization. Since then we have expanded this program and it has become a permanent part of our cultural DNA. We could not be more proud of our loyal and compassionate associates who have dedicated their time and energy to support this mission. Please continue to visit this page for more information aboue how we are caring deeply for both our employees and our communities. If you would like more information, please contact Chicago Cares at